Maha Labs


We are a technology company and a core contributor to the MahaDAO ecosystem. We love building disruptive products and growing communities that can leave a deep impact on global economies.

"We think big and we build fast"

Our Products

  1. Discord Brand Loyalty Platform- A discord focused brand loyalty tool used to help create very strong communities.
  2. NFT PFP Generator - Image manipulation software to generate a large set of images that can be used for an NFT collection.

Our Services

  1. NFT MarketMaking - (Upcoming) We can provide liquidity for your NFT collection and provide a healthy trading experience.
  2. Stablecoin Marketmaking - (Upcoming) We can build custom arbitrage bots that can trade stablecoins.
  3. CEX/DEX/Stablecoin MarketMaking - (Upcoming) Marketmaking bots that perform arbitrage and various strategies on stablecoins and tokens on decentralized and centralized exchanges.

Besides technology, we have a network span across crypto exchanges, influencers, marketers, economists and community builders.